Citra-KLEAN™ is the beginning of a new “nontoxic” era in the control of plant diseases. Citra-KLEAN™ is obtained from the seeds of citrus and developed with peak technology by Solo Organics. This product has shown a broad spectrum of activity against microorganisms that attack our agriculture. It belongs to a new generation of organic, ecological and nontoxic fungicides, non- harmful for humans or animals. With the collaboration of agricultural companies, we have developed a wide research and development program for Citra-KLEAN™, confirming thus its power to control many of the fungi, bacteria and green algae that attack plants and fruits. It has been described as the solution to the resistance that many fungi have developed to inorganic fungicides and their byproducts. Different studies have shown that Citra-KLEAN™ is an efficient disinfectant of seeds, controls fungi in bedding plants and fungi that attack leaves and flowers. It is an organic citric based product that can be used as an alternative to chemical base disinfectants, sanitizers, bactericide, fungicide, algaecide and viricide, and depending on the dosage it can have bacteriostatic (preventing further growth of bacteria) or oligo dynamic (algaecide behavior) effect. The active ingredient of Citra-KLEAN™ comes from citrus fruits from the Amazon Rain forest; it also contains organic glycerin and ascorbic acid as stabilizers. Citra-KLEAN™ can be apply foliar or into the hydroponic solution. It also applies to disinfect all tools and hydroponic facilities and processing plants.

Advantages of Citra-KLEAN™

  • It is an organic complex highly versatile that can be utilized in any industrial area including the food industry. Non-toxic, 100% biodegradable and has a very nice deodorizing effect. It is harmless to humans in the diluted state and does not require special protection for handling.
  • It can be mixed with acid and alkaline products without changing its basic characteristics.
  • It works by contact, thus not generating microbial resistance, its high water solubility allows for very easy transportation by micro capillarity so it can be classified as a contact semi-systematic fungicide family.


Applications of Citra-KLEAN™ for helping in the control of:

Damping off (damping) Rhizoctonia sp. Alternaria sp.
Phytophthora sp. Fusarium sp. Cercospora sp.
Pythium sp. Botrytis sp Colletotrichum sp.
Mildew Erwinia sp. Etc.


  • Foliar Dose: 1teaspoon (5ml) per quart (liter) of water plus Citra-FILM™ adherent ½ teaspoon (2.5 ml) to 1 teaspoon (5ml) per quart (liter)of water. Spraying or fogging application in the aerial tissues of plants. Repeat application weekly or whenever required according to inoculum pressure. The lowest dose is used in sensitive tissues such as flowers and buds. We recommend a quick test of dose due to the great diversity of species, varieties and cultivars.
  • For post-harvest disinfection we recommend using low doses in immersion. Example: lettuce 2 teaspoon (10 ml) per 2.5 gallons (10 liters) of water.