About Us


Provide products and goods that are 100% organic and innovative, covering agricultural needs in the agricultural and hydroponic industry.

We will market through online and a network of distributors, comprehensive services, training and continuous technical assistance for our customers.


Fulfill the needs for organic products (environmentally-friendly) for agriculture and hydroponics around the world and contributing with nature and human health care in a balance clean environment free of chemical base pesticides and GMO (Genetically Modified Organisms) products for future generations.


We protect the environment.

We care for human health.

We innovate continuously.

We commit to results.

We support our customers.


      1. Offer agricultural products and in the agricultural and hydroponics industry that cover the needs of pest and disease control, increase in production, product sanitation and conservation in an environmentally-friendly way.
      2. Provide 100% organic products for agriculture and hydroponics to benefit nature and human health.
      3. Avoid the use of chemical products in agriculture  and hydroponics to benefit nature and human health.
      4. Decreased the use of Genetically Modified Organisms (GMO) in society.


Our products hold the following accreditations:

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OMRI Listed for Organic Use




IFOAM Organics International

IFOAM Organics International