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Advantages of BugOut™

BugOut™ (formerly CitraControl) is a low-toxicity ecological and organic liquid, used to control insect population.  It eliminates different types of flying and creeping insects (both adults and larvae) by contact and ingestion of the product. Due to its special formulation, it eliminates mites, larvae, and other insects easily- without affecting the environment. It is unique in that not only is it a food-grade product, but also that it acts immediately, and it biodegrades in 15 days. Due to its high concentration, the application cost is the lowest among comparable products.

BugOut™ is a liquid pest control, easy to spray and nebulize for both large and small projects. Since it is biodegradable, it can be used in medical, livestock, agricultural, and many other types of industries.

BugOut™ Sizes Available: