It is an organic and natural anti-drift, adherent and dispersing agent which does not contaminate the environment (100% biodegradable) it is made of vegetable polysaccharides. Designed to help the different plaguicides and fertilizers to adhere to the leaves and not easily be washed off by rains. It can be mixed with plaguicides and fertilizers in an aspersion tank or nebulizer.

Citra-FILM™improves the efficiency of products application by helping them adhere to the surface of the leaves. Due to its composition, Citra-FILM™is compatible with the plant surface. It provides a good distribution and adherence to the plants protecting the products used by prolonging the period of action and avoiding flushing in the case of manual irrigation (sprinkler, hose, etc.), micro spray or other similar system.

Plants normally react against pests and diseases (fungi and insects whose support structures are based on polysaccharides) by emitting defense substances.  The Citra-FILM™ polysaccharides are perceived by the plant as a fungi or insect contributing to turning on the defense mechanism of the crops.

In different test and trials with conventional and organic products we have obtained better control of pests and diseases by using Citra-FILM™compared with industrial adjuvants.


  • By forming a protective film helps the plaguicides to adhere to the leaves and not to be removed by air currents nor easily degraded by solar light. Because of its dispersing qualities, it allows a homogenous distribution of the mixtures on the surface of the leaves and it does not foam upon application.
  • It acts as an anti-drift agent and it can be added to the sprayer tank mix with the purpose of reducing spray drift. It is ideal for aerial spraying in the U.S.
  • Good Adhesion made from vegetal polysaccharides has adherent properties, which increase the efficiency of plaguicides, for it protects the plaguicides from easily be washed off by rains.
  • Good Stability because the product is very stable, does not volatilize and helps to protect the plaguicides against ultra-violet rays and heat.
  • Ecologically Sound it only contains natural vegetable polysaccharides, so it does not contaminate the environment nor accumulates in the ground or the atmosphere for it is 100% biodegradable, and it is a non-phytotoxic adherent.
  • Dispersing and Moistening Qualities It helps to reduce costs by improving the efficiency of agrochemical agents and by making the best usage of available water.
  • Offers Safety is an organic/natural product and as such it is safe to be handled by personnel staff. Its storage and distribution are of minimum risk.


The dose is ½ teaspoon (2.5 ml) to 1 teaspoon (5 ml) per quart (liter) of water according to the surface of the plant and water quality.