solo_10 The spreading of germs that cause illnesses, like the common cold and flu to more serious infections like H1N1 and MRSA, is a concern for everyone. Whether transferred directly by skin-to-skin contact, airborne (sneezing, coughing) or indirectly by using contaminated shared objects, the result is a population continually exposed to potentially devastating illnesses without knowing it.Common cleaning methods are not enough. Traditional cleaners and disinfectants, including household chlorine bleach, are used incorrectly, generate carcinogenic/toxic disinfecting by-products, and have been linked to health problems such as asthma and severe skin and eye irritation.Citra-KLEAN-100™ Disinfectant botanical organic formula is an effective alternative to disinfectants being used today for pre-cleaned surfaces. Our no-wipe-no-rinse formula kills 99.99% of all bacteria, viruses and fungi, including Rhinovirus (common cold), H1N1 and MRSA.

Citra-KLEAN-100™ Disinfectant is a 100% botanical organic disinfectant extracted from citric seeds. It effectively eliminates harmful bacteria, mold and mildew yeast, and fungal spores that produce undesirable odors. It is suitable for individuals that cannot use harsh cleaning products. Depending on the dosage it can have bacteriostatic (preventing further growth of bacteria) or oligo dynamic (algaecide behavior) effect. Citra-KLEAN-100™ Disinfectant non-toxic and non-irritant behavior guarantees its flexibility for usage in many different applications. It effectively disinfect without the use of bleaching agents, acids, peroxides, ammonia, formaldehyde and any other harmful ingredients. It does not pollute the environment. The active ingredient of Citra-KLEAN-100™ Disinfectant comes from a grapefruit seed fruit from the Amazon Rain forest. Citra-KLEAN-100™ Disinfectant active ingredient is the citric extract from grapefruit seed (citrus maxima) and it also contains organic glycerin and ascorbic acid as stabilizers.General Description


Cleanliness is the number one problem for controlling the spread of infectious diseases. The typical cleaning measures used today remove only the dirt and grime from a surface, leaving the surface cleaned but not disinfected. Even after a thorough cleaning, quite often germs are left behind on surfaces; the viruses that can cause infection and illness, and the bacteria that cause odors for example. Only by using a dedicated disinfectant can you eliminate the threat you can’t see and why Citra-KLEAN-100™ Disinfectant is the preferred choice for a unique and powerful alternative for supplemental surface disinfecting.



 Children in Daycare facilities have a tendency to pick up and spread any number of germs because of congregating in such close proximity and through the sharing of toys, utensils and play areas. There is a legitimate fear of sending a healthy child to daycare and picking him or her up at the end of the day with a cold or worse. •Play Rooms, Toys • Snack and Napping Areas • Nurse’s Office • Arts and Crafts Area •Restroom, Sinks and Toilets


Gym cleanliness is vital to members. They expect clubs to be germ-free. Showers, Floors, Locker Rooms, Restrooms and Fitness Equipment are the most common areas for exposure to an infection due to the high-traffic use. This is important because some cold and flu viruses can survive on surfaces for up to 72 hours. •Saunas, Sinks and Showers •Locker Rooms •Workout Equipment •Exercise Rooms


In Assisted Care Facilities, care givers travel from room to room, interacting with patients and equipment so a thorough disinfection is critical due to the somewhat frail nature of the patients and their immune systems. Typically, housekeeping has only a short window of time to clean before a new patient arrives in a room. •Patient Rooms and Equipment • Bathrooms • Nurse’s Stations • Activity Rooms


Employees work in close proximity with one another sharing space, equipment and tasks. This kind of interaction encourages person-to-person and surface contact to person transmission of bacteria and viruses. How many sick days can your business afford? •Offices and Conference Rooms • Kitchenettes and Appliances • Elevators • Bathrooms •Electronics, Desks, Countertops


Veterinarians and assistants can see many pets throughout their day potentially exposing them and their other “patients” to many serious diseases. With different breeds and varieties of pets moving through the facility, the high-traffic areas like the reception area, the exam rooms and kennel areas are prime infection transfer locations. •Reception Desk and Waiting Room • Exam Rooms • Pet Grooming Areas •Restroom, Sinks and Toilets • Kennels


Over 98,000 patients die each year from infections they acquire after being admitted to a HOSPITAL or other healthcare facility. Because of their size and complexity, hospitals are difficult to properly disinfect. In addition, healthcare workers routinely work with multiple patients over a shift increasing the chances for spreading infections. •Patient Rooms • Equipment Storage Rooms • Operating Rooms •Triage and Pre & Post Op • Reception and Waiting Rooms


Schools and Universities need to be diligent about responding to the outbreak of illness, while also responding to the pressure from parents and faculty to keep facilities germ free. Students tend to have reduced levels of personal hygiene so the greatest risk of infection comes from surfaces touched by multiple people. •Athletic Workout and Training Rooms • Lecture Halls • Dorm Rooms


Doctors, Nurses and Physician’s Assistants see multiple patients throughout their day. Not all of their patients show symptoms of an infection at the time of an office visit so it is critical that every step be taken to prevent the spread of infection, from hand washing to the routine cleaning and disinfecting of equipment, and reception and examination rooms.•Reception Desk • Waiting Rooms • Equipment • Restrooms • Treatment Rooms

Citra-KLEAN-100™ Disinfectant Specific Characteristics

  • It is of 100% natural botanical organic origin, its active ingredient is the extract from seeds of citric fruits, highly soluble in water and non-toxic.
  • It is innocuous, non-toxic and does not cause oxidation problems.
  • It does not have accumulative properties in humans or animals.
  • It does not irritate the skin and it is harmless to the mucous membrane.
  • It is not affected by freezing temperature and withstand up to 200°C (392° F).
  • It is 100% biodegradable whether in hard or soft waters.
  • It is not affected by ultraviolet light.
  • It is 100% non-corrosive and replaces the use of chlorine that is known to cause damages in equipment.
  • It is 100% environmental friendly.
  • It is not volatile with excellent penetration, quick and effective.
  • It acts on contact by breaking the cell walls of the microorganisms (cytoplasmosis).
  • It does not smell nor leave any residuals if used in the recommended dose.

Advantages of Using Citra-KLEAN-100™ Disinfectant

  • Citra-KLEAN-100™ Disinfectant is a botanical organic disinfectant and sanitizer it works by contact, thus not generating microbial resistance, its high water solubility allows for very easy transportation by micro capillarity so it could be qualify as contact semi-systematic fungicide. Studies have demonstrated that CitraKlean Plus™ Disinfectant is highly effective at low concentrations.
  • Citra-KLEAN-100™ Disinfectant is an effective germicide that eliminates an ample array of microorganisms even in high concentrations.
  • Citra-KLEAN-100™ Disinfectant is harmless to humans in the diluted state and does not require special protection for handling. It is non-toxic, 100% biodegradable and has a deodorizing effect.
  • Citra-KLEAN-100™ Disinfectant  is an organic complex highly versatile that can be utilized in any industrial area including any kind of food industry and depending on the dosage it will have prevent further growth of bacteria because of its algaecide behavior effect.
  • Citra-KLEAN-100™ Disinfectant performs as a decontaminant and as a deodorant in processes in which rottenness is present.
  • Citra-KLEAN-100™ Disinfectant is very economical and easy to apply, thus saving time and money.
  • Citra-KLEAN-100™ Disinfectant can be used in drinking water for humans and animal consumption. Just add the product manually or with automatic applicators, to: Tanks, cisterns or hydraulic network systems.
  • Citra-KLEAN-100™ Disinfectant residual action is beneficial to human and animal health.
  • It does not affect eyes, skin, or the respiratory system in its usage.
  • It is very effective against GRAM POSITIVE and GRAM NEGATIVE bacteria, against fungi, spores, viruses and mold.
  • Citra-KLEAN-100™ Disinfectant can be mixed with acid and alkaline products without changing its basic characteristics.


  • Avoid direct contact of concentrated Citra-KLEAN-100™ Disinfectant with eyes and mucous. If by accident direct contact with eyes occurs, wash with abundant water.
  • Citra-KLEAN-100™ Disinfectant is harmless in the diluted state and does not require special protection.


Apply or spray onto any area than needs disinfection.


This product has not been registered by the United States Environmental Protection Agency. Invetisa-US represents that it is exempt from registration under the Federal Insecticide, Fungicide and Rodenticide Act [(FIBRA 25(b)] as a minimum risk pesticide.