Citra-KLEAN™ is the beginning of a new nontoxic era in the control of plant diseases. It is a powerful organic disinfectant AND sanitizer that works immediately on contact while bypassing the resistance that many fungi have developed to other inorganic fungicides. It is highly water soluble, and, while highly effective on food, agriculture, cattle, hydroponics, and other large industrial projects, it is harmless to humans in a diluted state, not requiring special protection for handling.

Our secret weapon in Citra-KLEAN™ is the combination of unique organic ingredients derived from citric fruit seeds and extracts from the Amazon Rainforest and is stabilized by organic glycerin and ascorbic acid. Because these environmentally friendly extracts work on contact, they do not allow microbial resistance and can be used on each surfaces unique cleaning need.

Citra-KLEAN™ has been tested on fungi, bacteria, and green algae that attack plants and fruits. It is an organic citric-based product that can be used as an alternative to chemical-based disinfectants, sanitizers, bactericides, fungicides, algaecides, and viricides. Depending on the dosage, it can have bacteriostatic (preventing bacterial growth) or oligo dynamic (algaecide behavioral) effects.

Citra-KLEAN™ is available in both a concentrate and a ready-to-use formula.

  • BENEFITS of CitraKleen™
    • Developed from citric fruit seed extract, which is of organic, botanical origin in the Amazon Rainforest
    • Guards against microbial resistance, because it works immediately on contact 
    • Assures our clients with a 100% biodegradable and bio-renewable product (whether used in hard or soft waters), as well as a promises a non-toxic and non-corrosive application
    • Does not contaminate the environment, as it contains no harmful chemicals, and does not affect eyes, skin, or the respiratory system
    • Allows for residual action, which is beneficial to human and animal health
    • Replaces the use of chlorine that is known to cause damage in equipment
    • Features an odorless, effective application that will not leave any residual material when used in the recommended dose
    • Ensures high solubility in water 
    • Acts on contact by breaking the cell walls of microorganisms
    • Guarantees effectiveness as a germicide, eliminating harmful microorganisms
    • Fights effectively against gram-positive and gram-negative bacteria, as well as fungi, spores, viruses, and mold
    • Eliminates oxidation issues
    • Protects against accumulation in humans and animals due to its non-toxic make up
    • Will not cause irritation to the skin and is harmless to the mucous membrane
    • Withstands freezing temperatures and high temperatures (up to 200°C /392° F)
    • Resists ultraviolet light and will not corrode equipment
    • Provides excellent penetration, non-volatile product application, and quick and effective results