Citra-ROOT™ is a byproduct of amino acids, specifically of the Gluten and the Soapbark Extracts, which are adequate for human consumption and are approved by the FDA.

A fraction derived from saposides causes toxic effects on nematode by direct action, affecting the neurotransmitters system which basically acts at the digestive system level. Therefore, the nematode does not feed or reproduce, dying during the exposure period.

Citra-ROOT™ also acts as a stimulant for rooting, so it protects the plant and benefits its development. It is not residual and does not build up on the soil or the environment. It is ideal for organic crops, and totally safe for human health.

Citra-ROOT™ is a FULLY ORGANIC product, with no harmful or adverse effect of the environment. It is not residual and does not accumulate in the environment.

Advantages of Citra-ROOT™

  • Acts in the nematode´s digestive organ level-therefore, the nematodes are not able to feed; they cannot reproduce and are totally neutralized.
  • It acts as a Root stimulant or Root enhancer protecting the plant or crop and helping it´s development. It is not residual and does not accumulate in the ground or the environment, ideal for organic crops, in other words completely safe for human health and consumption.
  • Because it improves the root system Citra-ROOT™allows the plant or crop better water and nutrient absorption protecting them against the many effects of parasite activities.
  • The components used to make Citra-ROOT™are suitable for human consumption and is FDA approved.
  • It is preferable to apply Citra-ROOT™without mixing with other products in order to observe its direct action. Citra-ROOT™can be applied mere days before the harvest of the crop with no residual or toxicity problems.


Mix 0.5  to 1 teaspoon (2 to 5 ml) of Citra-ROOT™in a quart (liter) of water and applied to the hydroponic solution or substrate making sure you never come in contact with leaves or other air plants. The application can be in drench, manual injection for the irrigation system or circulation system solution, depending on the hydroponics system being used.

The dose is subject to adjustment by agricultural technician according to the degree of infestation of the nematode. Repeat the application between the 21 to 27 days to break the cycle of the nematode. The exact time is adjusted according to the species of nematode.


Citra-ROOT™controls the following Nematodes:

Meloidogyne sp. Heterodera sp. Aphelenchus sp.
Ditylenchus sp. Nacobbus sp. Radhopholus sp.
Tylenchulus sp.